Summer Camino – day 11 > continuation of the pilgrim’s rhyme

A Pilgrim’s Rhyme

The wisdom we seek and that we require,

Has long been within us, awaiting desire.

The access however, we all should know,

Is tightly guarded by emotions though.

This is the part that really matters

Knowing how we guard emotions in tatters.

Until we learn to handle life’s array

Painfully ignorant we will stay.

Guardsmen of ego bring up fears,

Fears to lose face, or exposure by peers.

We fear emotions that make us weak,

Turmoil and pain we do not seek.

All these, I regret, cause great resistance,

They keep us awake, our mind in persistence.

But maybe the greatest conflicts we’ll find

Are painful emotions that distress the mind.

They keep us in bondage – we cannot escape

Encourage the ego to swell, boast, dominate

And this is in essence how life is played out

With little control, like a selfish lout.

We switch to pretention, we need to impress,

Judging and bragging – as if show-off is best.

Our misplaced emotions display what we see,

And proudly we claim “it was not me!”

The guards we placed at imagined doors,

They keep us from truth and any remorse.

Prevent us from living life as we should

Keeping emotions in darkened mood.

Can we take on opinions, let others be right?

Can we listen, be careful when words are tight?

All this is given when wisdom can grow,

When guards are removed and truth can flow.

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About Dieter Daehnke

Born in 1941 in Gdansk, Poland. In March 1945 the family fled the Russian army. Met my wife Uta in Hamburg and as she is South African, I followed her home. We live in Cape Town, have 3 children, and 2 wonderful grandchildren. I established an Engineering company and since its sale, I enjoy walking Caminos. I have recently completed my book 'Journey of a Stickman'.

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